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UNM-CSI Brown Bag Seminar Schedule

The CSI Seminar for the Spring 2019 semester will be held every Monday at 12PM in Northrop Hall room 340 (just next to the CSI labs) and will be convened by Prof. Zachary Sharp

January 14   John Schiff (Texas A&M): Stable isotopes in proteinaceous black coral skeletons as proxies for ecosystem variability in the Gulf Stream over millennial timescales

January 28   Yu Li (Lanzhou University, China): Substantial inorganic carbon sink in closed drainage basins globally

February 4   Luigi Dallai (Institute for Earth Sciences and Resources, Pisa, Italy): Fossil hydrothermal systems and continental climate reconstructions for the Eocene

February 11 Eva Stricker (Department of Biology): Is There a Fungal Loop?

February 18 Alexi Besser (Department of Biology): Gut Microbial Contribution to Small Mammals Nutrition

February 25 Seth Newsome (Department of Biology): TBA

March 4        Jacquelyn Delp (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences) Quantitatively Constraining Lower Tropospheric Mixing on Graciosa Island, Azores using Water Vapor Isotopologues

March 11     spring break – no seminar

March 18     Keith Prufer (Department of Anthropology): Linking Prehistoric Populations in Central and South America

March 25     Anthony Gargano (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences): TBA

April 1          Gregor Hamilton (Department of Biology): TBA

April 8          Clarissa Teixeira (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis, Brazil): Trophic Ecology of Small Delphinids from the Brazilian Coast

April 15        Adolfo Gil (Natural History Museum, Department of Anthropology, San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina): TBA

April 22        James Witts (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences): Paleoecology and Cretaceous-Paleogene paleoenvironmental change using stable isotope data from extinct fossil cephalopods

April 29        Vishwa Patel (Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences) : TBA