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CSI Seminar Schedule for the 2023 Spring Semester

CSI Brown Bag Seminar 2023 Spring Semester

The 2023 Spring Semester CSI Seminar will be held in PAIS 1010 and online, via Zoom, and will be moderated by Dr. Seth Newsome (

All seminars begin at noon on the date listed below. Room 1010 is located in PAIS 1st floor, next to (south of) the main entrance.
January 30th – Nico Lubcker (UNM, Department of Biology): Use of amino acid carbon and nitrogen isotopes to investigate capital versus income breeding strategies
February 6th –Tour of Mass Spectrometry Facility in the Department of Chemistry with Dr. Curtis Mowry
February 13th – Renee Boucher (University of California, Santa Cruz): The application of trace metals to hominid physiology and behavior ZOOM ONLY
February 20th– Basia Marcks (University of Rhode Island): Foraminifera-bound N isotopes record subtropical front migrations in glacial-interglacial cycles over the last ~1 Million years ZOOM ONLY
February 27th – Alex Bertacchi (Yale University, Department of Anthropology): Using multiple isotope systems to investigate 30,000 years of human land use in northern Malawi ZOOM ONLY
March 6th – Seth Newsome (UNM, Department of Biology): Characterizing the metabolism of glioblastoma with amino acid carbon and nitrogen isotope analysis
March 13th – Spring break – no seminar
March 20th – Alexi Besser (UNM, Department of Biology): Lessons in essential amino acid d13C fingerprinting and more from a PhD in the CSI
March 27th – Conner Mertz (UNM, Department of Biology): The role of gut microbiota in supplying essential amino acids to their mammalian hosts
April 3rd – Rosabelle Ong (Columbia University, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences): Untapping a New Climate Archive: Colpophyllia natans Climate Reconstructions in the Tropical Atlantic ZOOM ONLY
April 10th – Kevin Wilson (UNM, Department of Biology): Recurrent wildfire buffers trees from competition water stress during multiyear drought events
April 17th – Zachary Sharp and Nico Lubcker (UNM, Center for Stable Isotopes): TBA
April 24th – Viorel Atudorei (UNM, E&PS and CSI): Sulfur Isotopes Isoscapes – potential use for small scale animal migration studies
May 1st – Mi’ila Gollette (UNM, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences): Reconstructing Holocene rainfall record in Southern Belize using oxygen isotopes in speleothem carbonate